Sear Credit Card

If you didn't know any better, you probably wouldn't realize that Sears has been around since 1893. That's really an amazing feat if you think about how much a company would have to do to stay relevant and outlast so many competitors since that time. When you see a Sears store today, you see a very competitive store that has something for the whole family and the whole house as well. The beginnings of the Sear Credit Card started out as the Discover Card which started out as being owned by Sears actually. The Sear Credit Card really packs a lot of power. When you realize the power of the Sears Company, you will know just how they have survived and will likely keep on surviving.

After the Discover Company became independent, they have seemed to make the Sear Credit Card even stronger by making a partnership with MasterCard instead. The Discover Card doesn't really have the power and relevance it once had. On the other hand, the MasterCard is accepted widely around the world and thus has opened up so many opportunities for those who will be fortunate enough to have their own Sear Credit Card. Among the benefits of having a Sear Credit Card are the daily offerings and discounts that the card members get to take advantage of daily. Other than that benefit, the biggest draw really is that of being just a longstanding fanatic of the Sears Company.



Those who have shopped at Sears for many decades and truly appreciate the growth of the company are usually the ones who will seek out the Sear Credit Card. Honestly there are tons of other retailers that offer the same or better merchandise now and at better prices than you would get even with your Sear Credit Card. What seems to be making this card become extinct is that it is not available to be applied for online. All other competitors are allowing their cards to be applied for and used online. There are fewer store locations now than there has ever been which makes finding one very difficult at times. When trying to find a Sears store in most major U.S. cities, you would be more likely to just give up the search and stop in on one of the competitors that has many more locations spread throughout the city for easier access.


If you do get your own Sear Credit Card, make sure that you always keep your account current and never carry any balances over to the next month. Their APR on the Sear Credit Card isn't really going to play nice if you are carrying balances from month to month. Keeping that account paid in full by the end of each billing cycle will help you to be able to continue to use your Sear Credit Card. When it's all said and done, the Sear Credit Card is really for those who have been followers of Sears for a long time and just never want to give up on their favorite store. However, with so many other stores of the same kind in the industry now, it really makes it hard for most people now to make sense of shopping at Sears or having the Sear Credit Card.